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TAIPING is proud to host the Taiping Global Festival Competition 2022. Check out the event information here!
In a flush of colours depicting celebration; the logo implies that the town of TAIPING, meaning Everlasting Peace, will host a GLOBAL event that will witness a multiculturalism-laced FESTIVAL intertwined with a COMPETITION rich in heritage, culture, arts and nature that the town possess.

The 4 worded – Taiping, Global, Festival, Competition – pictorial is capped on the left with an illustration of PUTERI PERAK, a pants-clad-female-dancer in the colours of the Perak state flag, adorned with a tiara. And on the right is an illustration of two LION DANCE contestants clad in, Jalur Gemilang, the national flag, indicating Malaysia hosting a local multicultural competition to a global audience.


In January 2022, the chairman of Lion and Dragon Performance (LDP) International Council, Mr. Francis Teo approached Yang Mulia Raja Omar Ikram Raja Abdullah Omar (Chairman of 6 Sense Group) to introduce the mentally and physically challenging Lion Dance Competition in Perak.

With partners, SA Peter and Rohaida Abdul Kahar, the collaboration gave birth to, “Taiping Global Festival and Lion Dance Competition 2022” to be held at the Dataran Warisan on 24th and 25th September 2022.

The 6 Sense Group (Six Sense Creative & Six Sense Technologies Sdn. Bhd.) together with Malaysia Hong Teik Sport Association decided to invite Koperasi Waris dan Kerabat Raja Negeri Perak Berhad to co-participate in this historical global event to be held at Taiping for the first time.

In addition, the group also requested the Perak state government (Tourism Exco) to co-organise this event through Tourism Perak Malaysia. With the support of the state government, the event is expected to become a high-profile initiative that will draw over 300 international contestants, judges, officials and guests from across Southeast Asia. (Due to Covid restrictions, participation from other countries across Asia and Europe and the Americas would not be possible for 2022.)

Malaysia Hong Teik Sport Association will be managing the competition component while Six Sense Technologies Sdn. Bhd. will be managing the festival concert component and the overall management and execution of the event.

Malaysia Hong Teik Sport Association with its 48 local associations also embraces 40 international associations from 15 countries: Indonesia, Macau, Hong Kong, China, India, Japan, Spain, France, Australia, Vietnam, Taiwan, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore and the United States of America.

Six Sense Creative (2008) and Six Sense Technologies SB (2014) known as 6 Sense Group has been engaged in producing educationally-researched products for schools on knowledge and tourism besides developing concepts and designs for advertising and marketing besides events management. It is also into copywriting, producing editorial scripts, writing research papers and publishing articles for the general reading population especially Gen Y, Z and Alpha.

TGFC22's Launch Event

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Selection of photos from the launching event.

Program Highlights



Exclusively in Historical Taiping Town

(Send a Whatsapp Request to 0164189266/0164149266)
for updates on venue

Event Launch
(23 September 2022 3pm-6pm)

Lion Dance Competition
(24 & 25 September 2022 10am – 7pm)

Festival Concert
(24 September 2022 8pm-10:30pm)


Tour of Taiping
(26 September 2022 9am-1pm)

Royal Dinner (TBC)
(25 September 2022 8pm-11pm)


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